Producer and musician Steve Mosco's Jah Warrior Records label has been operating since 1995. From day one the label has released nothing but its own productions with the focus on strictly conscious roots and culture reggae plus dub. Check the pages for details of the catalogue, many of which can be listened to and purchased from Jah Warrior Bandcamp.



July 2021 - Available now on Partial Records 10 inch is Righteous Children, a 1995 Jah Warrior production culled from 2 different albums along with a later remix from 2001. Also available on download - click here to buy at Jah Warrior Bandcamp.


March 2021 - 2 brand new releases from Diggory Kenrick and Natty Princess Horns available on 7 inch vinyl and download.

Click here to buy Diggory Kenrick

Click here to buy Natty Princess Horns


March 2021 - Brand new download only dub album featuring 12

heavyweight dubs mixed and produced by Jah Warrior at Jah Warrior Studio - click here to buy at Jah Warrior Bandcamp


Now reissued on Partial Records 10 inch - Naph-Tali's 1996 tune "Pollution" which came on Jah Warrior 12 inch in 1996. Click here to buy at Jah Warrior Bandcamp