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Various Artists - Warrior Style CD

Warrior Style was released on CD only by French label The Age Of Venus Records in 2005. It featured a numbder of vocal tracks, showcase style with dub versions along with another set of Jah Warrior dubs, some of which were remixes of earlier tracks. All tracks were exclusive to the album and not released elsewhere. Produced at Conscious Sounds in London.




Earl 16 - Evolution
Ranking Joe - Rough To Grow A Youth
Evolving Dub
Tena Stelin - The I Mantra
Mantra Dub
Peter Broggs - Free Up The Herb
Herbal Liberation Dub
Afrikan Simba - Impostor
Impostor Dub
Lutan Fyah - It's Your Society
It's Your Dub
Jah Warrior Rock
It's Dubbing Time Again
A Dub A Day
Happy Dub
Imperial Rockers
So Long In Dub
Righteous Children Remix


The CD is now unavailable but the album's available for download at Jah Warrior Bandcamp



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