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Naph-Tali - One Of These Days

1 Humane Beings

2 Humane Dub

3 What About The Story

4 What About The Dub

5 One Of These Days

6 One Of These Dubs

7 Visionary Dream

8 Visionary Dub

9 Pollution

10 Pollution Dub

11 I N I Culture

12 Culture Dub

(CD Bonus Tracks)

13 The 22nd Book

14 The 22nd Dub

15 Visionary Dub Part 2

16 Culture Dub Part 2


One Of These days was a vocal and dub showcase album featuring Naph-Tali, released in 1998. It featured alternative mixes the The 22nd Book which was the label's first ever release from 1995 plus Pollution which also came out as a 12 inch single. Recorded and mixed at Conscious Sounds in London. Released on both vinyl and CD.


Get it on CD or download from the Jah Warrior Bandcamp.

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