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Naph-Tali - One Of These Days

1 Humane Beings

2 Humane Dub

3 What About The Story

4 What About The Dub

5 One Of These Days

6 One Of These Dubs

7 Visionary Dream

8 Visionary Dub

9 Pollution

10 Pollution Dub

11 I N I Culture

12 Culture Dub

(CD Bonus Tracks)

13 The 22nd Book

14 The 22nd Dub

15 Visionary Dub Part 2

16 Culture Dub Part 2


One Of These days was a vocal and dub showcase album featuring Naph-Tali, released in 1998. It featured alternative mixes the The 22nd Book which was the label's first ever release from 1995 plus Pollution which also came out as a 12 inch single. Recorded and mixed at Conscious Sounds in London. Released on both vinyl and CD. Reissued on vinyl by Partial Records in 2024.


Get it on vinyl or download from the Jah Warrior Bandcamp.

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