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Various Artists

Jah Warrior & Friends CD

Jah Warrior & Friends was released on CD only by French label Hammerbass Records in 2003. It features a mixture of vocals and dubs with all mixes exclusive to the album and not available elsewhere.




Hughie Izachaar - Jah Warrior Inna Yu Area

U Brown - Jah Is My Strength

Jah Warrior feat Horace Andy - Wash That Dub

Jah Warrior feat Rod Taylor - Rasta Dub

Jah Warrior feat Tena Stelin - Flying Chariots Dub

Jah Warrior feat Peter Broggs - Jah Golden Throne Dubwise

Jah Warrior feat Winston McAnuff - Dub Pon A Bench

Singer Blue - How Life Stay So

Joseph Cotton - Nuh Eat From Morning
U Brown - Jah Is My Light Dub
Prince Alla - I Hear A Dub
Tena Stelin - Cashless Society Dubwise
Special Dub
The Greatest Sound
The Great Warrior
How Life Stay So Dubwise
Monumental Dub
Joseph Cotton - Nuh Dub From Morning


Click here to download from Jah Warrior Bandcamp



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