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Jah Warrior - Great Kings Of Israel In Dub

1 King Hoshea Dub

2 King Solomon Dub

3 King Menahem Dub

4 King Saul Dub

5 King Pekahiah Dub

6 King David Dub

7 King Zechariah Dub

8 King Pekah dub

9 King Omri Dub

10 King Jeroboam Dub

(CD Bonus Tracks)

11 King Jeroboam Dub Part 2

12 King Saul Dub Part 2

13 High Priest Dub

14 Temple Of Dub

15 Ark Of The Covenant

16 Covenant Dub


Released on both vinyl and CD in 1996. Recorded and mixed at Conscious Sounds in London. Includes alternative mixes of Conquering Lion & Naph-Tali's Humane Beings.


Get it on download from Jah Warrior Bandcamp

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