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Jah Warrior - Dub From The Heart Part 3


1 Post Truth Skank

2 Burning Planet

3 Too Late

4 Inna Roots and Culture

5 Uncertain Future

6 Information War

7 Nuclear Secrets

8 The Consumerist Illusion

9 Dub Mek Wi Run

10 Unpromising Land

11 Two Roads Of Dub

12 Workers Strike

13 The Cambridge Analytica Affair

14 English Skank

26 years after the first two volumes of Dub From The Heart Parts 1 and 2 comes Part 3! Produced and mixed by Jah Warrior featuring guest appearances from Hughie Izachaar, Jah Mason, Ranking Joe and Martin Luther King Junior. Released on vinyl by Partial Records. The download version at Jah Warrior Bandcamp includes 4 bonus cuts not available on the vinyl.

Released 10th May 2024.

Click here to buy the vinyl or download at Jah Warrior Bandcamp

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