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Jah Warrior

Dub From The Heart Part 2

1 Wicked Man Dub

2 Warrior Steppers

3 Selassie I Dub

4 Dub Inna Ghetto

5 Walking Talking Dub

6 Marching To Zion

7 Journey Into Dub

8 Thunder Dub

9 Zulumatic Dub

10 Moments In Dub

(CD Bonus Tracks)

11 Wisdom Dub

12 Kick Up A Dub

13 Fistful Of Dub

14 Dub Vibes


Recorded and mixed at Conscious Sounds in London. Released on vinyl and CD in 1998.

Reissued on vinyl by Partial Records in 2022.


Available on download and Partial Records vinyl at Jah Warrior Bandcamp


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